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bf2028efed74601c84ee0c134cc759546dd8b6e2 Residential property and 31 acres of land in Warwickshire, with stables run as a livery yard by Zahawi and Zahawi Ltd who also receive rental income for them: (i) and (ii). (Updated 08 January 2020) c0ee8024 2020-11-09 0 2020-11-09-c0ee8024-24822-0
5f0e5a9799f20ac6a6f2bb0a6a0aa5f2935846e2 Until 1 January 2020, residential buy to let property in London, divided into three flats: (i) and (ii). (Registered 12 June 2013; updated 08 January 2020) c0ee8024 2020-11-09 1 2020-11-09-c0ee8024-24822-0
a240003e64d9d789c16ff08f7a389b543d1991eb House in London, rented out from 30 June 2015: (i) and (ii). (Registered 31 July 2015) c0ee8024 2020-11-09 2 2020-11-09-c0ee8024-24822-0