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72c5cfd25eaa89c0cd2817757b58a63bb104a8f4 I receive royalty payments from EMI and from Ridge Records for my recorded works with Runrig, with whom I serve as an unremunerated director. Addresses: EMI House, 43 Brook Green, London W6 7EF and Ridge Records Limited, 1 York Street, Aberdeen AB11 5DL. 10057ffd 2020-11-09 0 2020-11-09-10057ffd-11333-0
cb80f5706ed02cab55a52e54f51778d6c3c65887 14 December 2019, received £2,696.08 for my recorded works from Ridge Records. Hours: no additional hours. (Registered 06 January 2020) 10057ffd 2020-11-09 1 2020-11-09-10057ffd-11333-0
ddb373dd05a209d925b851f1945710448fd9b189 14 October 2020, received £1,987.07 for my recorded works with Chrysalis Records (part of EMI). Hours: no additional hours. (Registered 03 November 2020) 10057ffd 2020-11-09 2 2020-11-09-10057ffd-11333-0
d0f936acddbce6d42abc8769fff090d7d92f48b6 I receive payments for my published works from the Performing Rights Society. 10057ffd 2020-11-09 3 2020-11-09-10057ffd-11333-0
acf3e1148c945baf8f35fb4778d12f42960eb726 Fees received for appearing as part of Parliamentary rock band "MP4" on the Matt Forde Christmas show 2018, produced by Avalon Productions of 4A Exmoor St, London W10 6BD: 10057ffd 2020-11-09 4 2020-11-09-10057ffd-11333-0
bd885ea76e8c6a52808af9f6e60e6eb5e4897c76 28 October 2019, received £878.82 for appearing in two live shows on 19 and 20 December 2018. Hours: 8 hrs. (Registered 06 January 2020) 10057ffd 2020-11-09 5 2020-11-09-10057ffd-11333-0