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000379965af828d8ba25088784b6f81d203c450e Name of donor: CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) 8f616a6e 2015-03-30 0 2015-03-30-8f616a6e-24847-1
15572fd22d88a023136b18dddd55fd6867276c9b Address of donor: 53 Romney St, London SW1P 3RF 8f616a6e 2015-03-30 1 2015-03-30-8f616a6e-24847-1
299291d22941869c84ec90f68a1b8090dd860643 Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: Four days a week voluntary service from October 2013 to July 2014 provided by a volunteer intern who is self funding except for a bursary of £7,150 as a member of the educational leadership programme at the charity CARE. 8f616a6e 2015-03-30 2 2015-03-30-8f616a6e-24847-1
36db1ed45f0f1b8b8ca8dad4fb5da22bc8b5103b (Registered 30 October 2013) 8f616a6e 2015-03-30 6 2015-03-30-8f616a6e-24847-1
816d1e0d7626ab5b74279a361f7e03a4117d3343 Donor status: company, registration 3481417 8f616a6e 2015-03-30 5 2015-03-30-8f616a6e-24847-1
c1b66d2475c488e578d4ed83b26560d86287ea45 Date of acceptance: 22 October 2013 8f616a6e 2015-03-30 4 2015-03-30-8f616a6e-24847-1
ec8c030663d397ca3da9b0fcb2fd6eb1f4a685a0 Date of receipt: 22 October 2013 8f616a6e 2015-03-30 3 2015-03-30-8f616a6e-24847-1