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hash item category_id date ▲ member_id person_id sort_order record_id
5d6fbaf4591ab7ef1d5af34001ed28762c77f05f 29 September-8 October 2000, to India, sponsored by Labour Friends of India,which is funded by many individual donors in the UK. Particular sponsorship for flights to India came from the Chamber of Indian Industry and the Indian Government provided internal hospitality. (Registered 24 November 2000) Overseas visits 80ef1083 2001-05-14 Joe Benton Joe Benton 0 2001-05-14-80ef1083-10039-0

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        hash VARCHAR(40) NOT NULL,
        item TEXT,
        category_id TEXT,
        date TEXT,
        member_id TEXT,
        person_id TEXT,
        sort_order INTEGER,
        record_id TEXT,
        PRIMARY KEY (hash),
        FOREIGN KEY ("category_id") REFERENCES [categories](id),
        FOREIGN KEY ("member_id") REFERENCES [members](id),
        FOREIGN KEY ("person_id") REFERENCES [people](id)
CREATE INDEX items_date ON items("date");
CREATE INDEX items_category_id ON items("category_id");
CREATE INDEX items_member_id ON items("member_id");
CREATE INDEX items_person_id ON items("person_id");
CREATE INDEX items_record_id ON items("record_id");