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b2127dd301ddc3e5f903a711c888db9328767ce1 From 6 April 2018 to 5 December 2019, Chair (unpaid) of the Pasture-Fed Livestock Association, a Community Interest Company which encourages and promotes the use of pasture instead of grain feeds for livestock. (Registered 17 April 2018; updated 13 December 2019) Miscellaneous 5f2cbd10 2020-11-09   Bill Wiggin 0 2020-11-09-5f2cbd10-11318-0
e05d442a6e5424d06fc4972d60a6219c939872f8 Since 2006, President of the Association of Professional Shooting Instructors. (Registered 01 November 2018) Miscellaneous 5f2cbd10 2020-11-09   Bill Wiggin 1 2020-11-09-5f2cbd10-11318-0

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        hash VARCHAR(40) NOT NULL,
        item TEXT,
        category_id TEXT,
        date TEXT,
        member_id TEXT,
        person_id TEXT,
        sort_order INTEGER,
        record_id TEXT,
        PRIMARY KEY (hash),
        FOREIGN KEY ("category_id") REFERENCES [categories](id),
        FOREIGN KEY ("member_id") REFERENCES [members](id),
        FOREIGN KEY ("person_id") REFERENCES [people](id)
CREATE INDEX items_date ON items("date");
CREATE INDEX items_category_id ON items("category_id");
CREATE INDEX items_member_id ON items("member_id");
CREATE INDEX items_person_id ON items("person_id");
CREATE INDEX items_record_id ON items("record_id");