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hash item category_id date member_id person_id sort_order record_id
000154521263e4729952309fd5a5e19ee5c42223 Name of donor: Franco-British Colloque Address of donor: 86 East Lane, West Horsley, Leatherhead KT24 6LQ Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: in relation to the Franco-British Colloque’s 2016 Conference at the Tate Britain and Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire; food, accommodation and transport: £800 Date received: 14-16 January 2016 Date accepted: 14 January 2016 Donor status: company, registration 6913437 (Registered 18 January 2016) Gifts, benefits and hospitality from UK sources 64e8edeb 2016-09-05 Douglas Carswell uk.org.publicwhip/person/11621 0 2016-09-05-64e8edeb-11621-0

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        hash VARCHAR(40) NOT NULL,
        item TEXT,
        category_id TEXT,
        date TEXT,
        member_id TEXT,
        person_id TEXT,
        sort_order INTEGER,
        record_id TEXT,
        PRIMARY KEY (hash),
        FOREIGN KEY ("category_id") REFERENCES [categories](id),
        FOREIGN KEY ("member_id") REFERENCES [members](id),
        FOREIGN KEY ("person_id") REFERENCES [people](id)
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