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0004fe041a1d9ef8ea8103ed2b201e381834d417 Date of receipt of donation: 30 June 2012 Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK) 84642823 2013-05-20 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40115 Mary Macleod uk.org.publicwhip/person/24913 3 2013-05-20-84642823-24913-0
0004ffaaf78ebccdfec1fb0ec0cd13c5d06523f1 Name of donor: John Chatfeild-Roberts Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2013-12-09 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40047 Nick Herbert uk.org.publicwhip/person/11377 2 2013-12-09-8f616a6e-11377-0
000506bd7cc1fc0ec10d50b21ed7379556584477 J D Byam Shaw, Oxford (personal donation) Sponsorship or financial or material support 9e46def6 2008-10-08 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1812 Nick Clegg uk.org.publicwhip/person/11812 30 2008-10-08-9e46def6-11812-0
00051687aa66fce5fda6c6210f33459111ae3c9d Payment of £500 for article in The Times 30 July 2010. Hours: 4 hrs approx, plus unquantifiable thinking time. (Registered 18 October 2010) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2011-08-30 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40090 Jack Straw uk.org.publicwhip/person/10574 1 2011-08-30-1f359ece-10574-0
000516ed24aa0c21fe787b9cee4d7ce502f5aa08 Name of donor: Clare Barnett-Nagshineh Address of donor: private Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £5,000 Date received: 2 June 2017 Date accepted: 2 June 2017 Donor status: individual (Registered 07 July 2017) (b) Any other support not included in Category 2(a) 70b64e89 2018-06-04 Norman Lamb uk.org.publicwhip/person/11032 4 2018-06-04-70b64e89-11032-0
0005259d0c35588e3c247ad52be687ccb11464dc Received payment of £2000 for giving a speech to the Cheshire Pitt Club. Address of payer: Gordon Poole Agency Limited, The Limes, Brockley, Bristol, BS48 3BB. Hours: 5 hrs. (Registered 9 January 2010) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2012-03-05 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40554 Tim Yeo uk.org.publicwhip/person/10658 4 2012-03-05-1f359ece-10658-0
00052be988b6002de0cf933defea28f2cf4ad794 5 January 2014, received £200. Hours: 45 mins. (Registered 10 November 2014) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2015-01-26 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40281 Caroline Dinenage uk.org.publicwhip/person/24873 2 2015-01-26-1f359ece-24873-1
00052e37e85c84c6b223de999ab8eb4abff382b1 14 November 2017, received £1,130.02 end of service payment. Hours: none since my election to the House of Commons. (Registered 08 January 2018) Employment and earnings 10057ffd 2018-01-08 Vicky Ford uk.org.publicwhip/person/25614 5 2018-01-08-10057ffd-25614-0
00053fd66ba0557f73b40868580a1a934019374c Flare View Ltd. Registrable shareholdings 3aff2389 2008-03-25 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1407 Gregory Barker uk.org.publicwhip/person/10713 0 2008-03-25-3aff2389-10713-0
00055ae6b2212e73b7873364f51c3e351f01e194 Donor status: individual Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK) 84642823 2012-02-20 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40303 Bernard Jenkin uk.org.publicwhip/person/10312 12 2012-02-20-84642823-10312-0
00056dee064faad46ecaf83d06df27a88582591b 8 November 2017, received £30. Hours: 25 mins. (Registered 22 November 2017) Employment and earnings 10057ffd 2018-02-19 Philip Davies uk.org.publicwhip/person/11816 19 2018-02-19-10057ffd-11816-0
00057446d926bed24f8ee92a606827cbea974f63 20 th July received bottle of wine from Diabetes UK (Sutton Branch) following talk and question and answer session attended on 10 th July . Diabetes UK Central Office address: Macleod House, 10 Parkway, London, NW1 7AA. Hours: 1.5 hrs. Estimated value: £5. (Registered 23 July 2009). Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2010-04-12 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1861 Paul Burstow uk.org.publicwhip/person/10080 2 2010-04-12-1f359ece-10080-0
0005750cf3db77a6b0a2dd837a3fa4f4eb90f95d 7-11 July 2008, to Israel, hosted by Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI), to gain an understanding of the current state of affairs in the region including East Jerusalem, Gaza and the Golan Heights. CFI contributed the cost of flights, accommodation and some meals. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Official Guests Department) contributed to the costs of travel inside Israel, some accommodation and meals. (Registered 14 July 2008) Overseas visits 80ef1083 2009-03-11 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1759 Stewart Jackson uk.org.publicwhip/person/11759 0 2009-03-11-80ef1083-11759-0
000579eb599ae3850863a593bc22e9bfea22c9ef Date of receipt of donation: 19 May 2014 Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK) 84642823 2015-02-09 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40408 Glyn Davies uk.org.publicwhip/person/24739 3 2015-02-09-84642823-24739-1
00058206f03264a7ad90abaa1180af800a57421f Date of visit: 9 - 11 October 2009 Overseas visits 80ef1083 2010-03-10 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1500 Theresa Villiers uk.org.publicwhip/person/11500 4 2010-03-10-80ef1083-11500-0
0005900db8f1d6048d5a3889910b399a18cbfb6e Destination of visit: Israel and Palestinian territories. Overseas visits 80ef1083 2013-04-08 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40689 Seema Malhotra uk.org.publicwhip/person/25150 3 2013-04-08-80ef1083-25150-0
000590ece0337b395a3de17eff4af5f1c59e15e2 Name of donor: The Hearsum Family Ltd Address of donor: Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park TW10 5HX Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £1,000 received on 27 March 2015 and registered with donation of 5 May 2015 below Donor status: company, registration 03034142 (Registered 05 June 2015) (a) Support linked to an MP but received by a local party organisation or indirectly via a central party organisation 2fa6c1a9 2015-12-14 Nick Clegg uk.org.publicwhip/person/11812 10 2015-12-14-2fa6c1a9-11812-0
000592b61e50c79daa494aa81b088fadaee907be Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: honorary life membership as Leader of the Liberal Democrat Party; value £560 pa plus £280 entrance fee. Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK) 84642823 2013-01-18 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40528 Nick Clegg uk.org.publicwhip/person/11812 2 2013-01-18-84642823-11812-0
000595545879ef5a0f7b33f9f29cb5c66473319b Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: Legal services valued at £16,665 Sponsorship or financial or material support 9e46def6 2015-01-26 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40361 Andy Burnham uk.org.publicwhip/person/10766 10 2015-01-26-9e46def6-10766-2
00059c1d005a5bfd82a7b6a73b98a359e13e89a0 Address of donor: Mulliner’s House, Flanders Road, Chiswick, London W4 1NN Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2013-06-10 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40115 Mary Macleod uk.org.publicwhip/person/24913 23 2013-06-10-8f616a6e-24913-0
0005a39b72506fdb3a9fa41b7d2b26a92a423238 Received £200 for September 2009. Hours: 2 hrs. (Registered 11 November 2009) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2010-03-10 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1919 Tom Watson uk.org.publicwhip/person/11309 2 2010-03-10-1f359ece-11309-0
0005a86dec1369bdb58b471c0c276dde70d59eb8 Address of donor: 24 Old Queen Street, London SW1H 9HP. Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2011-02-28 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40678 Mark Garnier uk.org.publicwhip/person/24824 2 2011-02-28-8f616a6e-24824-0
0005b3124bf8f04a40dc8ac6f32b1c3387b3e4a4 2 May 2008, speech at Baker Tilly National Partners' Conference in London. (£10,001-£15,000) (Registered 20 May 2008) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2009-03-25 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1782 William Hague uk.org.publicwhip/person/10251 3 2009-03-25-1f359ece-10251-0
0005bd015051df580a0fce0c0215000cc3813c32 (Registered 3 April 2014) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2014-06-16 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40289 Diane Abbott uk.org.publicwhip/person/10001 29 2014-06-16-1f359ece-10001-0
0005bf3ba0ebd70ac11b420ce7eebfa81a367df9 From May 2016, Trustee of the Social Mobility Foundation. (Registered 08 June 2016) Miscellaneous 5f2cbd10 2017-01-23 Helen Grant uk.org.publicwhip/person/24796 2 2017-01-23-5f2cbd10-24796-0
0005c4272b8f7c104121749af9fcf13b557f421a C Syms and Sons Ltd - family building business. Remunerated directorships ead1ca87 2007-07-30 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1764 Robert Syms uk.org.publicwhip/person/10582 1 2007-07-30-ead1ca87-10582-0
0005d1757d131ddae36d4db3ba34042f7c6c473a 8) 75 Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7HS Overseas visits 80ef1083 2012-07-09 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40404 Iain Stewart uk.org.publicwhip/person/24947 5 2012-07-09-80ef1083-24947-0
0005dc9764a164410ad87631edb72fab376648db Address of donor: private Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2014-02-24 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40393 Nadine Dorries uk.org.publicwhip/person/11397 2 2014-02-24-8f616a6e-11397-0
0005df5a08d95d4c5048a79751ce8b475735106f Date of acceptance: 11 November 2009 Sponsorship or financial or material support 9e46def6 2010-12-06 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40445 Liam Fox uk.org.publicwhip/person/10213 19 2010-12-06-9e46def6-10213-0
0005e3496b9344317bc5feaaeeae770e1eb25265 Received £150, January 2012. Hours: 35 mins. (Registered 6 September 2013) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2014-06-30 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40136 David Ruffley uk.org.publicwhip/person/10520 12 2014-06-30-1f359ece-10520-0
0005f27fe75d3d0eb5c8c421df87c252db1e1456 Donor status: individual Sponsorship or financial or material support 9e46def6 2010-12-20 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40073 Alan Beith uk.org.publicwhip/person/10034 9 2010-12-20-9e46def6-10034-0
0005fb0e31353f059f75c21259ed16b2f444097a 18 June 2018, received £80. Hours: 30 mins. (Registered 18 June 2018) Employment and earnings 10057ffd 2018-10-01 Steve Reed uk.org.publicwhip/person/25170 18 2018-10-01-10057ffd-25170-0
0005fee5e4e5a9ab3fd4e0e5d3605591349fc60f Research interview with BPRI Political Opinion Panel. Payment of £75 made to Butterfill Associates. (Registered 13 October 2009) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2009-11-11 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1438 John Butterfill uk.org.publicwhip/person/10082 5 2009-11-11-1f359ece-10082-0
00062b6619e9996694631f6d5335c42a967fcabd Payment of £75. Payment donated to a local charity. Hours: 1 hr. (Registered 28 February 2012) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2012-06-25 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40279 Richard Graham uk.org.publicwhip/person/24921 6 2012-06-25-1f359ece-24921-0
00063100d0ea5ec46174a2062495e95afb491dd7 I receive honorary membership of the Carlton Club. (Registered 6 November 2008) Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK) 84642823 2009-12-10 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1587 Michael Howard uk.org.publicwhip/person/10290 0 2009-12-10-84642823-10290-0
00063c330f2d9aa54b585b19dd5367058ffa98c3 February 2014, received £1,666 gross. Hours: 3 hrs. (Registered 18 February 2014) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2014-11-24 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40233 Tim Loughton uk.org.publicwhip/person/10371 4 2014-11-24-1f359ece-10371-0
0006476b3dfa919331f0c3d7cbd2fd223114251c 31 October 2016, received £5,000. Hours: 8 hrs. (Registered 28 November 2016) Employment and earnings 10057ffd 2017-08-29 Fiona Bruce uk.org.publicwhip/person/24857 4 2017-08-29-10057ffd-24857-0
00065fc5b91549d8818d0b79250524b35b7271dd Fellow of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, which waived my fellowship fee for 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15. Value in 2014 £160 (Updated 25 February 2014 and 18 March 2015). (Registered 27 December 2012) Miscellaneous 5f2cbd10 2015-10-26 Chi Onwurah uk.org.publicwhip/person/24807 1 2015-10-26-5f2cbd10-24807-0
0006688bac14bbd98d40ee89d02e2d06badffb17 Name of donor: Ilchester Estates Address of donor: The Estate Office, Melbury Sampford, Dorchester DT2 0LF Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £5,000 Donor status: company, registration 01006592 (Registered 20 May 2015) (a) Support linked to an MP but received by a local party organisation or indirectly via a central party organisation 2fa6c1a9 2015-10-26 Oliver Letwin uk.org.publicwhip/person/10355 5 2015-10-26-2fa6c1a9-10355-0
00068e111b7051642dba3701a5936173db9c4e02 £250 for article in March 2012, received 20 April 2012. Hours: 2 hrs. (Registered 20 April 2012) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2013-01-18 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40356 Greg Mulholland uk.org.publicwhip/person/11672 14 2013-01-18-1f359ece-11672-0
0006a9c004981350ec48858549b07af0f66f0821 Donor status: individual Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2011-02-28 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40044 Michael Weir uk.org.publicwhip/person/11312 4 2011-02-28-8f616a6e-11312-0
0006ba19c8c2f0ec7fc891511312a501156becd4 (Registered 2 November 2012; updated 5 November 2012) Overseas visits 80ef1083 2013-10-14 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40588 Chuka Umunna uk.org.publicwhip/person/24950 12 2013-10-14-80ef1083-24950-0
0006bffb28212947778715f2115fda35a7614b4b Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £10,000 Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2012-01-13 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40149 John Stevenson uk.org.publicwhip/person/24799 3 2012-01-13-8f616a6e-24799-0
0006e3de7e0e2f7853a8c97d827452912ee8d739 Payments from ComRes, Four Millbank, London SW1P 3JA: Land and Property 4f1e6359 2013-08-27 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40122 Kerry McCarthy uk.org.publicwhip/person/11455 3 2013-08-27-4f1e6359-11455-0
0007096ec83b570ed799fbe6293832614443bec2 Commercial property in Munich, Germany, from which rental income is received. Land and Property 4f1e6359 2015-02-23 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40650 Lyn Brown uk.org.publicwhip/person/11921 1 2015-02-23-4f1e6359-11921-0
00070de510e6275d8ae0813ab8c31d810300ad84 Received £458.33 in November 2010. Hours: 24 hrs. (Registered 8 December 2010) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2011-01-24 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40417 Patrick Mercer uk.org.publicwhip/person/11109 31 2011-01-24-1f359ece-11109-0
00072a8d6c8c05b512f32ca049b1ac432dfe2f32 Parliamentary and public affairs consultant, Countryside Alliance. (Up to £5,000) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2008-03-11 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1635 Peter Atkinson uk.org.publicwhip/person/10020 0 2008-03-11-1f359ece-10020-0
0007389a06d2679a1792f07a4ec5e23145d20307 Name of donor: Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Overseas visits 80ef1083 2015-03-09 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40226 Stephen Timms uk.org.publicwhip/person/10596 0 2015-03-09-80ef1083-10596-1
000738c298d25d4bd29df964f4d65ab52de0036b 1) Embassy of Japan, 101-104 Piccadilly, London; Overseas visits 80ef1083 2013-04-08 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40570 Dave Watts uk.org.publicwhip/person/10625 4 2013-04-08-80ef1083-10625-0
00074902a5da131e801c1da15d27849078f98a2f AAA MIP Limited (an Apollo Alternative Assets company) Registrable shareholdings 3aff2389 2009-04-22 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1443 Brooks Newmark uk.org.publicwhip/person/11443 2 2009-04-22-3aff2389-11443-0
000762984f0fe2067479675699884922d7cbaede Name of donor: John Lewis Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK) 84642823 2010-02-24 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1905 Ed Vaizey uk.org.publicwhip/person/11905 1 2010-02-24-84642823-11905-0
000769e043b39b2c108318d6a18ca1f8946c3f95 Payments from Comres, 4 Millbank London SW1P 3JA, for participating in parliamentary surveys: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2012-03-05 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40374 Graeme Morrice uk.org.publicwhip/person/24735 0 2012-03-05-1f359ece-24735-0
0007944b42da44adf14fdd08f8e95354db6fa81c 6) IDCPC, 4 Fuxing Lu, Beijing 100860, China Overseas visits 80ef1083 2013-08-27 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40312 Jesse Norman uk.org.publicwhip/person/24827 5 2013-08-27-80ef1083-24827-0
00079488936f4617a279fcbd2b8e87023468a3ac 26 February 2013, £75. Hours: 20 mins. Payment donated directly to local charity. (Registered 4 March 2013) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2013-12-09 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40044 Michael Weir uk.org.publicwhip/person/11312 3 2013-12-09-1f359ece-11312-0
000794e553fffdd71f0ccbadd9384768e56ac2ec Payment of £200 from Ipsos MORI, 79-81 Borough Road, London SE1 1FY, for opinion survey. Hours: 1 hr. (Registered 28 January 2014) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2014-03-10 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40623 Alun Cairns uk.org.publicwhip/person/24740 6 2014-03-10-1f359ece-24740-0
000799582dd3d725f1a6ffb9d5ead400cdf20bbc 8 June 2012, I received a payment of £1,200 from Associated Newspapers Ltd, Northcliffe House, 2 Derry street, London W8 5TT, for an article in the Mail on Sunday. Hours: 4 hrs approx. (Registered 2012) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2012-07-09 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40241 Alistair Darling uk.org.publicwhip/person/10153 32 2012-07-09-1f359ece-10153-0
00079de47879aca6aa3ba4596c20b013d54697a9 Date of visit: 23-26 July 2013 Overseas visits 80ef1083 2015-03-09 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40588 Chuka Umunna uk.org.publicwhip/person/24950 4 2015-03-09-80ef1083-24950-1
00079eb387e8acabdc3e00001ba748cac04a0636 Destination of visit: Los Angeles, USA Overseas visits 80ef1083 2012-05-14 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40646 Tom Watson uk.org.publicwhip/person/11309 3 2012-05-14-80ef1083-11309-0
0007a1a6da6242279face4d6086f2e38ed56b744 29 April 2013, I received a payment of £300 for two articles. Hours: 3 hrs. (Registered 17 May 2013) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2013-10-14 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40527 David Blunkett uk.org.publicwhip/person/10050 5 2013-10-14-1f359ece-10050-0
0007a8ba274e530f8dc5bf4c15d1d03e93aa7dc5 Occasional fees for articles in CDNA (Community and District Nursing Association) Journal, which I also edit. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2004-05-21 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1012 Ann Keen uk.org.publicwhip/person/10330 0 2004-05-21-1f359ece-10330-0
0007b0a49802a36f47bbab60fd5352048b170243 Name of donor: Walter A Cooper Address of donor: private Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £1,000 Donor status: individual (Registered 26 March 2015) (a) Support linked to an MP but received by a local party organisation or indirectly via a central party organisation 2fa6c1a9 2016-02-08 Damian Hinds uk.org.publicwhip/person/24782 1 2016-02-08-2fa6c1a9-24782-0
0007b4b2d37dc40bc746abe2b3be59336f79cad0 30 May 1999, guest of Transco Ltd at the Australia-West Indies one-day World Cup match at Old Trafford. (Registered 7 July 1999) Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK) 84642823 2000-11-10 uk.org.publicwhip/member/478 Colin Pickthall uk.org.publicwhip/person/10478 0 2000-11-10-84642823-10478-0
0007c182d9fd86b45fb20718d8dfe4b2e1df1884 30 June 2017, received £1,842.64 as a Member of the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh EH99 1SP. Hours: 5 hrs since my election to the House of Commons. I resigned on 12 June 2017. (Registered 06 July 2017) Employment and earnings 10057ffd 2018-03-05 Ross Thomson uk.org.publicwhip/person/25539 0 2018-03-05-10057ffd-25539-0
0007c3c5de7526cc10f21de5d3646c12c666493c Date of receipt: 4 January to 27 April 2012 Sponsorship or financial or material support 9e46def6 2012-04-30 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40411 Edward Balls uk.org.publicwhip/person/11740 11 2012-04-30-9e46def6-11740-0
0007cd107697abf81a1e71dff939ced572abb536 29 August 2014, £130 received from The Tablet Publishing Company Ltd, 1 King Charles Street Cloisters, Clifton Walk, London W6 0GY, for an article in the Tablet Magazine. Hours: approx. 4 hrs. (Registered 8 September 2014) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2015-02-23 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40113 Sarah Teather uk.org.publicwhip/person/11350 0 2015-02-23-1f359ece-11350-2
0007d492c17430ebff892ab9b80b85ba6ea8a13e Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): Flights costing £962.23 and part payment of £36.77 for one hotel room due to ship’s rescheduled route Overseas visits 80ef1083 2012-04-16 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40678 Mark Garnier uk.org.publicwhip/person/24824 2 2012-04-16-80ef1083-24824-0
0007d687ac28d99477b9324c7abf0dba022bc628 Support in the capacity as an MP: Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2012-01-30 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40212 Tessa Jowell uk.org.publicwhip/person/10326 0 2012-01-30-8f616a6e-10326-0
000805ded3336154e563557b9c918f4126915712 Received payment of £1,000 on 4 May 2013 . Hours: 4 hrs. (Registered 28 May 2013) Directorships 1aeb07b2 2013-12-09 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40598 Christopher Pincher uk.org.publicwhip/person/24747 5 2013-12-09-1aeb07b2-24747-0
000807c72f86eb44b7dad5f210d1c8d91f4c9b27 Name of donor: Adam and Helen Heathfield Address of donor: private Date received: 26 April 2017 Date accepted: 26 April 2017 Amount of donation, or nature and value if donation in kind: £5,000 Donor status: individuals (Registered 05 July 2017) (b) Any other support not included in Category 2(a) 70b64e89 2018-02-19 Tom Brake uk.org.publicwhip/person/10063 0 2018-02-19-70b64e89-10063-0
00080b49c593f3e978b2f013688c88e8c02430c9 Address of donor: OGN House, Hadrian Way, Wallsend NE28 6HL Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2015-02-09 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40623 Alun Cairns uk.org.publicwhip/person/24740 1 2015-02-09-8f616a6e-24740-3
000812a19e5339d0372bed1ef6fa5d538a3165b5 Payments from Ipsos MORI, 3 Thomas More Square, London E1W 1YW, for surveys. Fees paid direct to charity: Employment and earnings 10057ffd 2018-01-22 Stephen Gethins uk.org.publicwhip/person/25324 0 2018-01-22-10057ffd-25324-0
000819dc81eaa2fd33f7a595e7f139dd5d1dd352 Date of visit: 24-30 March 2013 Overseas visits 80ef1083 2014-03-24 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40604 Mark Pritchard uk.org.publicwhip/person/11946 11 2014-03-24-80ef1083-11946-0
00082b450e456954ee39532e392236d4b016ef6d Name of donor: High Commission of Cyprus Address of donor: 13 St James's Square, London SW1Y 4LB Estimate of the probable value (or amount of any donation): transport and accommodation for me and a member of staff; £925.15 Destination of visit: Cyprus Dates of visit: 9 November - 12 November 2016 Purpose of visit: UK Conservative Friends of Cyprus Parliamentary Delegation to examine the Cyprus Problem. (Registered 06 December 2016) Visits outside the UK 891eb863 2017-01-23 Sheryll Murray uk.org.publicwhip/person/24875 1 2017-01-23-891eb863-24875-0
00083f18a7b0e09242caf61daba6773634bd5673 Received payment of £75 for participation in the April 2013 Parliamentary Panel Survey. Hours: 40 mins. (Registered 23 May 2013) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2013-07-29 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40531 Philip Davies uk.org.publicwhip/person/11816 6 2013-07-29-1f359ece-11816-0
000853785ceaeddf0f3b06f0968b76d32b037943 Destination of visit: West Bank and Israel Overseas visits 80ef1083 2013-10-28 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40392 Dai Havard uk.org.publicwhip/person/10944 3 2013-10-28-80ef1083-10944-0
000853efe22ea366062831b45d1aec8bd11324ec Date of acceptance: 10 February 2014 Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2014-10-13 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40580 James Wharton uk.org.publicwhip/person/24930 51 2014-10-13-8f616a6e-24930-0
0008577171a79f24903a56989901a0b602936bf3 Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): £2398 Overseas visits 80ef1083 2010-03-10 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1804 Robert Goodwill uk.org.publicwhip/person/11804 2 2010-03-10-80ef1083-11804-0
00085b2d786c035f204f4c4d876050456d6b7d02 Dunelm Business Consultants; business consultancy. (Registered 26 May 2015) (i) Shareholdings: over 15% of issued share capital ead2f460 2018-06-18 Craig Tracey uk.org.publicwhip/person/25290 0 2018-06-18-ead2f460-25290-0
000864485aefc5637398be32b1b83e2ddc621afd Payment of £100 from Dod’s Parliamentary Communications, 21 Dartmouth St, London SW1H 9BP, for four surveys. Hours: 1.25 hrs. Payment donated to charity. (Registered 3 August 2011) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2011-10-31 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40199 David Hanson uk.org.publicwhip/person/10259 21 2011-10-31-1f359ece-10259-0
00086ba4a105410e2b9e44b4a76be38f82d1238b (Registered 30 March 2006) Sponsorship or financial or material support 9e46def6 2007-02-27 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1623 David Willetts uk.org.publicwhip/person/10637 3 2007-02-27-9e46def6-10637-0
00088af741e00f1153ee4eed711e941a76b3aaf2 Name of donor: Alexander Temerko Address of donor: private Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £5,000 Date of receipt: 9 February 2015 Date of acceptance: 10 February 2015 Donor status: individual (Registered 11 February 2015) (b) Any other support not included in Category 2(a) 70b64e89 2016-01-25 Liam Fox uk.org.publicwhip/person/10213 2 2016-01-25-70b64e89-10213-0
0008985908bac404047fdc1b3472e1cf6ca50d2f May 2015, received final payment of £783.33 as Councillor for the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, 44 York Street, Twickenham TW1 3BZ. Hours: approx. 30 hrs. As I have stood down, I will be repaying approx. £77 of this payment. (Registered 28 May 2015) Employment and earnings 10057ffd 2015-10-12 Tania Mathias uk.org.publicwhip/person/25333 0 2015-10-12-10057ffd-25333-0
00089a52ab864a668a65c095cf7bb92c37bce61b Name of donor: Unite the Union Address of donor: 128 Theobald's Road, London WC1X 8TN Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £2,000 Donor status: trade union (Registered 06 July 2017) (a) Support linked to an MP but received by a local party organisation or indirectly via a central party organisation 2fa6c1a9 2017-12-11 Stephen Morgan uk.org.publicwhip/person/25658 0 2017-12-11-2fa6c1a9-25658-0
00089d984154011a8d7f930d58e34660ee8603cf 2) Free the Children paid for internal return flight Nairobi to Bogani; value £333.18. Overseas visits 80ef1083 2012-09-03 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40404 Iain Stewart uk.org.publicwhip/person/24947 8 2012-09-03-80ef1083-24947-0
00089ed1f22b5d89914671829737b4288d2becce (Registered 3 September 2010) Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK) 84642823 2011-03-14 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40407 David Davies uk.org.publicwhip/person/11719 6 2011-03-14-84642823-11719-0
0008a1d53c676c163aa7409936d657fb97e5057c Address of donor: private Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2015-02-23 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40173 Stephen Mosley uk.org.publicwhip/person/24750 1 2015-02-23-8f616a6e-24750-4
0008bf7fc98c1d74b115ded37491fc13c64c9875 Non-executive director of Amara Mining PLC, 29-30 Cornhill, London EC3V 3NF; gold producer with portfolio of assets in West Africa.  I receive £31,500 with effect from 6 March 2013 and expenses for any associated travel and accommodation costs. Expected annual time commitment of 12 days.  (Registered 19 March 2013; updated 10 July 2013) Directorships 1aeb07b2 2014-10-13 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40414 Peter Hain uk.org.publicwhip/person/10252 0 2014-10-13-1aeb07b2-10252-0
0008d2a7fadc5791463f82fb40003289721e0736 Name of donor: Government of the United Arab Emirates Overseas visits 80ef1083 2012-12-19 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40580 James Wharton uk.org.publicwhip/person/24930 14 2012-12-19-80ef1083-24930-0
0008e97349489c66ab18a5b789e5518482113430 Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £2,000 Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2011-03-28 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40470 Jo Johnson uk.org.publicwhip/person/24895 8 2011-03-28-8f616a6e-24895-0
0008f6b1723011dcd9bd5d58087d2f92f2780264 (Registered 5 December 2014) Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2015-03-09 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40114 Barry Gardiner uk.org.publicwhip/person/10220 4 2015-03-09-8f616a6e-10220-2
00091a58e0d1343e5f8777ee7e64ef624639d428 31 January 2011, received payment of £2,200. Hours: 20 hrs. (Registered 23 December 2011) Remunerated directorships ead1ca87 2012-12-19 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40325 Barry Sheerman uk.org.publicwhip/person/10534 12 2012-12-19-ead1ca87-10534-0
00091bffb39a446776f71ed9e300827693b96b4c 1 May 2012, £609 plus VAT additional to payment of £249.96 received 2 April 2012. (Registered 9 May 2012) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2012-09-03 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40205 Simon Reevell uk.org.publicwhip/person/24858 69 2012-09-03-1f359ece-24858-0
00092627bc1a5e1256bd431db78af2e0b7c14b0a Payments from Populus , 10 Northburgh Street, London EC1V 0AT, for taking part in opinion research: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2011-04-18 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40199 David Hanson uk.org.publicwhip/person/10259 0 2011-04-18-1f359ece-10259-0
000935f71ff22c92a31cfd92029231691e59b3a4 Payment of £500 for appearance as presenter on BBC One’s This Week. 8 hours. (Registered 10 June 2010) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2011-05-03 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40206 Caroline Flint uk.org.publicwhip/person/10202 9 2011-05-03-1f359ece-10202-0
00093c4a7e9fc102747d6abdf04d8f97f42e9ea3 £150 received on 19 November 2012. Hours: 45 mins. (Registered 19 December 2012) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2012-12-19 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40356 Greg Mulholland uk.org.publicwhip/person/11672 9 2012-12-19-1f359ece-11672-0
00093c59d0e38c87dbcf4411076fa5efbf9d5156 18 October 2010, £297.50. Hours: 3.5 hrs. (Registered 8 December 2010) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2011-05-03 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40107 Phillip Lee uk.org.publicwhip/person/24765 69 2011-05-03-1f359ece-24765-0
000958f39bd77e246f56280b931d83fbded19fcb Donor status: members’ association Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2014-08-26 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40245 Alec Shelbrooke uk.org.publicwhip/person/24893 9 2014-08-26-8f616a6e-24893-0
00095c20b2bff86b3a128e7f7ebc24225091fb1c Received payment of £3,333. Hours: 4 hrs. (Registered 3 December 2013) Remunerated directorships ead1ca87 2014-10-27 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40053 Tony Baldry uk.org.publicwhip/person/10023 2 2014-10-27-ead1ca87-10023-0
00095dedefa2d9776c66f0fffd47a0289936b16e Support in the capacity as an MP: Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2014-12-08 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40308 Mike Penning uk.org.publicwhip/person/11626 0 2014-12-08-8f616a6e-11626-0
0009690d7fb8689aa3c3544a3209113885ad0fb0 Farm and cottages in Aberdeenshire, from which rental income is received. Land and Property 4f1e6359 2007-07-17 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1957 Robert Smith uk.org.publicwhip/person/10552 0 2007-07-17-4f1e6359-10552-0

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