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00000054abfae621b9dfe4991653d8400c3acb46 2 October 2014,   £75 received for completing a survey. Hours: 20 mins. (Registered 22 October 2014) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2015-03-30 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40602 Laurence Robertson uk.org.publicwhip/person/10505 5 2015-03-30-1f359ece-10505-1
00000c68dbac2e9c214f001a7d91d9c70af889d1 Gift of a Harrods hamper from the Sultan of Brunei. (Registered 18 December 2008) Overseas benefits and gifts a41b9847 2009-04-22 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1932 David Cameron uk.org.publicwhip/person/10777 2 2009-04-22-a41b9847-10777-0
00000efa0a42e2a47a5dcf18bc2f55dc6709e57d Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: tickets and hospitality for two people at Wales v Ireland Six Nations Rugby on 2 February 2013; estimated value £781 Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK) 84642823 2013-11-11 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40482 Owen Smith uk.org.publicwhip/person/24797 2 2013-11-11-84642823-24797-0
0000115139d46498238613d8645d5b572e9b5b21 Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: hospitality in Tottenham Hotspur’s directors’ box for me and my son; estimated value £2,400 Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK) 84642823 2013-05-20 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40167 Iain Duncan Smith uk.org.publicwhip/person/10180 16 2013-05-20-84642823-10180-0
000023653aa7c57c1dbf45ae31530786e4187f6d Date of acceptance of donation: 17 June 2009 Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK) 84642823 2010-04-12 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1394 Dominic Grieve uk.org.publicwhip/person/10243 6 2010-04-12-84642823-10243-0
00002a3b3e60d366330c5c303d9cfc4ba0240668 30 September 2013, received £800 from Associated Newspapers Ltd of 2 Derry Street, London W8 5TT for article in the Daily Mail on 17 September 2013. Hours: 5 hrs. (Registered 8 October 2013) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2013-11-25 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40090 Jack Straw uk.org.publicwhip/person/10574 24 2013-11-25-1f359ece-10574-0
00004414dcd44c41ca38119517c1bce8961bf70a Non-executive director of Developing Markets Associates Ltd, 150 Tooley Street, London SE1 2TU, a global consultancy and investment conference organiser. From October 2015 until further notice I receive £2,500 a month for a commitment of approx. 3.5 hrs. (Registered 17 May 2013; updated 27 November 2015) Employment and earnings 10057ffd 2017-04-10 Henry Bellingham uk.org.publicwhip/person/10726 0 2017-04-10-10057ffd-10726-0
00004f49bc050268f2171ccaad782ecfdc9c02e2 Donations to my constituency party or association, which have been or will be reported by my party to the Electoral Commission: Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2014-02-24 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40658 Lisa Nandy uk.org.publicwhip/person/24831 0 2014-02-24-8f616a6e-24831-0
00005c3237be48f8dc0a6a077df6e362999b6aec Fizz Fireworks Ltd Registrable shareholdings 3aff2389 2007-06-19 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1715 Mark Lancaster uk.org.publicwhip/person/11715 1 2007-06-19-3aff2389-11715-0
000068f93e8b7885bab3867d0bc70ebd771eafa5 (Registered 27 February 2015; 2 March 2015) Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2015-03-09 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40550 Andrea Leadsom uk.org.publicwhip/person/24829 4 2015-03-09-8f616a6e-24829-8
00006dc017d61bb849c40017efb78aba45b02745 16 November 2016, received £200. Hours: 1 hr. (Registered 19 January 2017) Employment and earnings 10057ffd 2017-05-02 Mark Tami uk.org.publicwhip/person/11267 2 2017-05-02-10057ffd-11267-0
0000781f4122515872f0af0f18f924405f588dfc Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £5,000 Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2010-11-22 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40550 Andrea Leadsom uk.org.publicwhip/person/24829 28 2010-11-22-8f616a6e-24829-0
0000a02460fd805900dfa76e3b69e2fbf1a1f7a8 Name of donor: Overseas visits 80ef1083 2013-09-30 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40632 John Spellar uk.org.publicwhip/person/10558 7 2013-09-30-80ef1083-10558-0
0000b819fb41c787595479b04fd2b687dd984d44 Address of donor: c/o Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, 1 Cromwell road, London SW7 2HW Overseas visits 80ef1083 2013-04-08 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40222 Grahame Morris uk.org.publicwhip/person/24715 8 2013-04-08-80ef1083-24715-0
0000e09348b3c4d2a4c8d4262370d11ffb40b670 Date of receipt: 10 February 2010 Sponsorship or financial or material support 9e46def6 2010-03-10 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1862 Andrew Mitchell uk.org.publicwhip/person/11115 84 2010-03-10-9e46def6-11115-0
0000f26b8c079e1bcfc99cd72cdc5440b28b6e77 27 November 2013, re ceived £333.34. Hours: 12 hrs  (estimated). (Registered 4 December 2013) Directorships 1aeb07b2 2014-05-12 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40496 Crispin Blunt uk.org.publicwhip/person/10051 9 2014-05-12-1aeb07b2-10051-0
0000f428222bbd00034d83e8f47569fe936fa009 Date of visit: 29 October-1 November 2010 Overseas visits 80ef1083 2011-07-19 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40567 Kwasi Kwarteng uk.org.publicwhip/person/24770 4 2011-07-19-80ef1083-24770-0
0000fc42d42956ffbf92c3758bb6ce2b60b867d1 10 August 2017, received £5,400. Hours: 71 hrs between 24 July and 4 August 2017 inclusive. (Registered 07 September 2017) Employment and earnings 10057ffd 2018-04-30 Phillip Lee uk.org.publicwhip/person/24765 2 2018-04-30-10057ffd-24765-0
00010ecca435dadb559708c4226a7079023cca53 8 April 2016, £100 paid direct to charity for participation in September 2015 Parliamentary Panel Survey. Hours: 30 mins. (Registered 09 May 2016) Employment and earnings 10057ffd 2016-05-16 Dame Cheryl Gillan uk.org.publicwhip/person/10228 7 2016-05-16-10057ffd-10228-0
00011a7f3b33782007ed282f93a36d2ff8ed05c6 Name of donor:  Labour Friends of Israel Overseas visits 80ef1083 2014-02-03 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40228 Michael McCann uk.org.publicwhip/person/24717 0 2014-02-03-80ef1083-24717-0
00011f2f5f0affc642ce0011d2b9ddd4ad137c65 Date of acceptance of donation: 10 December 2013 Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK) 84642823 2014-11-24 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40208 Ed Miliband uk.org.publicwhip/person/11545 4 2014-11-24-84642823-11545-0
0001345b354f13fc0b87f5dfe89826841519cbab Name of donor: Michael Bradfield Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2011-01-24 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40637 Richard Harrington uk.org.publicwhip/person/24954 51 2011-01-24-8f616a6e-24954-0
000135adeb2e7038df1737770e46dee495990dee 2-7 September 2007, to Israel and Palestine with Labour Friends of Israel (LFI). Travel and hospitality paid for by LFI. Accommodation paid for by LFI at a rate discounted through the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Some hospitality provided by the Palestinian Legislative Council/Palestinian Authority. Travel within Israel/Palestine provided by LFI. Some travel within Israel provided by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. (Registered 29 October 2007) Overseas visits 80ef1083 2007-11-06 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1866 Anne Snelgrove uk.org.publicwhip/person/11866 1 2007-11-06-80ef1083-11866-0
0001500acc0bc002929baa29b3b5a45d6acbdb46 Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: 2,000 Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2010-09-06 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40397 Nicholas Soames uk.org.publicwhip/person/10555 28 2010-09-06-8f616a6e-10555-0
000154521263e4729952309fd5a5e19ee5c42223 Name of donor: Franco-British Colloque Address of donor: 86 East Lane, West Horsley, Leatherhead KT24 6LQ Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: in relation to the Franco-British Colloque’s 2016 Conference at the Tate Britain and Four Seasons Hotel Hampshire; food, accommodation and transport: £800 Date received: 14-16 January 2016 Date accepted: 14 January 2016 Donor status: company, registration 6913437 (Registered 18 January 2016) Gifts, benefits and hospitality from UK sources 64e8edeb 2016-09-05 Douglas Carswell uk.org.publicwhip/person/11621 0 2016-09-05-64e8edeb-11621-0
000158affe921c78c3acde028d71a4ca9a6354dd (Registered 8 December 2009) Overseas visits 80ef1083 2009-12-10 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1944 Tim Loughton uk.org.publicwhip/person/10371 10 2009-12-10-80ef1083-10371-0
00015d0b2fba2ff7dd222dd8454b892fa58f28ed Payments for articles from Financial Times Ltd, Number One, Southwark Bridge, London SE1 9HL: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2011-07-19 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40581 Tristram Hunt uk.org.publicwhip/person/24850 12 2011-07-19-1f359ece-24850-0
00016c2bc2f28bb0b928cc245a4505472882136f April 2014, payment of £473.75 gross. Hours: 40 hrs. Payment donated to charity. (Registered 10 April 2014) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2014-09-22 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40697 Mike Thornton uk.org.publicwhip/person/25175 14 2014-09-22-1f359ece-25175-0
00017e7a3257fb076c4308c11f7d1b66c78b1bf4 July 2011, I received £500 Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2011-11-16 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40683 Julian Sturdy uk.org.publicwhip/person/24853 20 2011-11-16-1f359ece-24853-0
000184b8529f6060a101851f0489e1575a4aa55c Name of donor: Frank Warren Address of donor: private Amount of donation, or nature and value if donation in kind: Two tickets for a football match on 8 April 2018, with associated hospitality; total value £330 Date received: 8 April 2018 Date accepted: 8 April 2018 Donor status: individual (Registered 12 April 2018) Gifts, benefits and hospitality from UK sources 64e8edeb 2018-06-18 John Bercow uk.org.publicwhip/person/10040 17 2018-06-18-64e8edeb-10040-0
00018a0aa4599e03984e142bf07ccfff81d9d6e4 Name of donor: Information Edge Address of donor: Token House, 11-12 Tokenhouse Yard, London EC2R 7AS Amount of donation: £6,000 in monthly payments of £500 between January and December 2016. Donor status: company, registration 05337528. (Registered 21 June 2016; updated 28 October 2016) (a) Support linked to an MP but received by a local party organisation or indirectly via a central party organisation 2fa6c1a9 2017-11-27 Michael Gove uk.org.publicwhip/person/11858 1 2017-11-27-2fa6c1a9-11858-0
0001ae9fab6a4966e9a5915ff76beef25a2a8680 Petroquest Ltd (owns shares in Westminster Oil Limited) Registrable shareholdings 3aff2389 2011-03-28 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40053 Tony Baldry uk.org.publicwhip/person/10023 0 2011-03-28-3aff2389-10023-0
0001b0cd2b48af1cc1aaeefc7c47300353721b1d I have been given honorary membership of the Carlton Club for the tenure of my position as Opposition Chief Whip. Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK) 84642823 2011-02-28 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40203 Patrick McLoughlin uk.org.publicwhip/person/10397 0 2011-02-28-84642823-10397-0
0001b9d336f9b464cdc4960a735b86075090429c Name of donor: Mr W G Oldfield Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2010-11-22 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40660 Steve Brine uk.org.publicwhip/person/24901 7 2010-11-22-8f616a6e-24901-0
0001c04af6010ed55ce54a477f7f589159c5cc0d Name of donor: Communication Workers' Union Address of donor: 150 The Broadway, London SW19 1RX Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £2,000 Donor status: trade union (Registered 07 July 2017) (a) Support linked to an MP but received by a local party organisation or indirectly via a central party organisation 2fa6c1a9 2018-02-05 Clive Efford uk.org.publicwhip/person/10185 0 2018-02-05-2fa6c1a9-10185-0
0001c288e93a4d79cad8d1ca06054290c1211155 Address of donor: 1 Embankment Place, London, WC2N 6RH Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2014-05-12 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40231 Jim Murphy uk.org.publicwhip/person/10453 16 2014-05-12-8f616a6e-10453-0
0001c9ac6aabcb840205cc18a512c34425b181f8 I have a 25% shareholding and am one of four unremunerated directors of QUBRIC Ltd, a private company limited by shares, whose purpose is to promote and share the experience of peace-building in Northern Ireland and conflict resolution. (Registered 21 August 2012) Shareholdings 5b34324e 2013-11-25 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40428 Ian Paisley Jnr uk.org.publicwhip/person/13852 0 2013-11-25-5b34324e-13852-0
0001cf91a0d6ec9f8aaa530dcbb1befb5cd6d45e Donations to my constituency party or association, which have been or will be reported by my party to the Electoral Commission: Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2012-01-13 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40443 Norman Lamb uk.org.publicwhip/person/11032 0 2012-01-13-8f616a6e-11032-0
0001d47451da790796d9c8206dc0ca76cbe6c6dc 27 March 2015, received payment of £6,250 gross, £3,355.66 net, for March 2015. Hours: 30 hrs. (Registered 22 May 2015) Employment and earnings 10057ffd 2015-10-26 Edward Leigh uk.org.publicwhip/person/10352 10 2015-10-26-10057ffd-10352-0
0001df579a1535e900b2d4cde097400cb0ed81db Consultant to Zarbuezhugol India, 227 Sector 16-a, Faridabad.121002, Haryana, India, engaged to provide public affairs and corporate finance advice and assistance around specific European infrastructure construction projects. Annual contracted time commitment is two working weeks for a twice yearly payment of £6,250. (Registered 16 July 2013) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2014-06-02 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40496 Crispin Blunt uk.org.publicwhip/person/10051 2 2014-06-02-1f359ece-10051-0
0001e9913865795ea75da7238437a6394670669e Donor status: fundraising event Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2012-03-05 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40302 Iain Wright uk.org.publicwhip/person/11362 4 2012-03-05-8f616a6e-11362-0
0001fa098989fda1db7a2435430fd58ed1cf773e Date of acceptance of donation: 15 February 2011 Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK) 84642823 2012-03-19 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40346 Alan Johnson uk.org.publicwhip/person/10314 4 2012-03-19-84642823-10314-0
000202a733dbad5b8068745f135028637121e987 I employ my wife, Enid Crausby, as Office Manager. Family members employed and paid from parliamentary expenses 59577839 2016-01-25 David Crausby uk.org.publicwhip/person/10141 0 2016-01-25-59577839-10141-0
000208b70355c56fc3dedaa268f76c925d70c114 Kenilworth House Nursing Home, Ealing, London Sponsorship or financial or material support 9e46def6 2008-10-22 uk.org.publicwhip/member/2027 Virendra Sharma uk.org.publicwhip/person/13934 3 2008-10-22-9e46def6-13934-0
000223631b43fe8c018a3dcc2b58cba4f38515db Residential property in Paignton, from which rental income is derived. Land and Property 4f1e6359 2007-05-15 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1879 Adrian Sanders uk.org.publicwhip/person/10527 0 2007-05-15-4f1e6359-10527-0
0002260c66624e6b9c63f8cccd831179a17340bc 10 August 2017, received £600 for article published in Mail on Sunday. Hours: 2 hrs. (Registered 14 August 2017) Employment and earnings 10057ffd 2018-06-18 David Jones uk.org.publicwhip/person/11506 1 2018-06-18-10057ffd-11506-0
0002263c706f149bf33ba78c20a2b565ef96f8db 2 February 2018, payment of £100. Hours: 45 mins. Fee paid direct to charity. (Registered 08 May 2018) Employment and earnings 10057ffd 2018-06-18 Kerry McCarthy uk.org.publicwhip/person/11455 9 2018-06-18-10057ffd-11455-0
00022b486fa1efdd9b19294d74a6001e58e0bc32 Date of visit: 22-29 July 2009 Overseas visits 80ef1083 2010-02-03 uk.org.publicwhip/member/2027 Virendra Sharma uk.org.publicwhip/person/13934 7 2010-02-03-80ef1083-13934-0
00024425f3f61311da5ec3b85421030951221ac9 Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £5,000 Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2010-10-25 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40287 Nick Raynsford uk.org.publicwhip/person/10498 3 2010-10-25-8f616a6e-10498-0
000258dfdca57b2ac4f2c9939aacb31680a66a09 Contributions to Surrey Heath Conservative Association are received from: Sponsorship or financial or material support 9e46def6 2007-01-09 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1858 Michael Gove uk.org.publicwhip/person/11858 0 2007-01-09-9e46def6-11858-0
00026ba4dcb03693a68712e557924095f78b47d5 Donor status: trust, registration number 01430799 Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2011-02-07 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40463 Marcus Jones uk.org.publicwhip/person/24745 8 2011-02-07-8f616a6e-24745-0
0002986840bb08e2b6a8581586e712d48b48f383 Name of donor: ITV plc Address of donor: The London Television Centre, Upper Ground, London SE1 9LT Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: ticket to the National Television Awards, including food and drink, value £1,028 Date received: 25 January 2017 Date accepted: 25 January 2017 Donor status: company, registration 4967001 (Registered 30 January 2017) Gifts, benefits and hospitality from UK sources 64e8edeb 2018-01-22 Mims Davies uk.org.publicwhip/person/25330 0 2018-01-22-64e8edeb-25330-0
0002a19ddcbb799cb21c58b9f3abd2bfe977cf3c (Registered 1 November 2010) Overseas visits 80ef1083 2011-06-20 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40115 Mary Macleod uk.org.publicwhip/person/24913 6 2011-06-20-80ef1083-24913-0
0002a354f0e5b589954caef1adb599165d0675b1 April 2014, I received £75. (Registered 03 June 2015) Employment and earnings 10057ffd 2016-02-08 Mike Gapes uk.org.publicwhip/person/10219 3 2016-02-08-10057ffd-10219-0
0002a769c29d2e16ca68921685e82cbc22fb808a 18 November 2014, payment of £75. Hours: 30 mins (Registered 26 November 2014) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2014-12-08 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40254 Ben Bradshaw uk.org.publicwhip/person/10061 8 2014-12-08-1f359ece-10061-0
0002bdab410818c5123d9cfbf548ef956c2747dc Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £10,006; money raised between 12 June 2013 and 5 August 2013 in respect of a fundraising event held on 12 June 2013 for the benefit of Barnsley East Constituency Labour Party (CLP) and the CLP of another Labour MP (£5,003 each). The money raised included one registrable donation as set out below. Part of the money will be donated to two other CLPs. Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2014-04-28 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40057 Michael Dugher uk.org.publicwhip/person/24762 3 2014-04-28-8f616a6e-24762-0
0002bdbde0a4671c1a099f545d2638e3cce2c1c9 Address of donor: Bill Kenwright Ltd, BKL House, 1 Venice Walk, London W2 1RR Sponsorship or financial or material support 9e46def6 2011-02-07 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40361 Andy Burnham uk.org.publicwhip/person/10766 38 2011-02-07-9e46def6-10766-0
0002c3005188bb0c16fa570850b63e84fd6e4332 25 October 2011, received £410.64 for work done in September/October 2011. Hours: 12 hrs. (Registered 14 November 2011) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2012-02-20 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40479 Stewart Jackson uk.org.publicwhip/person/11759 17 2012-02-20-1f359ece-11759-0
0002c63905f397b4a7b1bfb429cd8784785cc3b5 Financial support towards my office costs from the following: Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2013-11-11 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40047 Nick Herbert uk.org.publicwhip/person/11377 1 2013-11-11-8f616a6e-11377-0
0002c833d520e285ce4fad33801d7675f4fa59ef 6 November 2015, received £50 for survey completed 4 November 2015. Hours: 30 mins. (Registered 26 November 2015) Employment and earnings 10057ffd 2016-01-25 Andrew Bridgen uk.org.publicwhip/person/24741 19 2016-01-25-10057ffd-24741-0
0002c9f85faa24269081258cbac56ad111de38ec One-fifth share in holiday home Languedoc: (i) Land and property: (i) value over £100,000 (ii) rental income of over £10,000 a year e8f93fef 2015-11-30 Stephen Metcalfe uk.org.publicwhip/person/24749 0 2015-11-30-e8f93fef-24749-0
0002d4d569e103fa22e3314974db849823f71c27 Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): airfare and accommodation, £915 Overseas visits 80ef1083 2015-02-23 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40546 Sheryll Murray uk.org.publicwhip/person/24875 2 2015-02-23-80ef1083-24875-0
0002ec0c17a1af5b89bfefc3d015ab477df865f6 (Registered 12 October 2009) Overseas visits 80ef1083 2010-01-06 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1496 Christine Russell uk.org.publicwhip/person/10522 6 2010-01-06-80ef1083-10522-0
0002ecd593ead37650aa92f93054d2e4ae9db992 5 September 2013, received £150 plus travel expenses of £35.20 from John Hewitt Society, c/o Market Place Theatre, Armagh Theatre and Arts Centre, Market Street, Armagh City, Co Armagh, BT61 7BW for participating as political panellist at John Hewitt International Summer School at the Market Place Theatre, Armagh, on 26 July 2013. Hours: 2 hrs, plus 1.5 hrs travel. (Registered 7 October 2013) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2014-03-21 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40068 Naomi Long uk.org.publicwhip/person/13814 0 2014-03-21-1f359ece-13814-0
0002f076e645fdfde77cb1c5dd678ed920db1784 I am the sole owner of CGLV Limited, a consultancy business. (Registered 17 December 2012) Shareholdings 5b34324e 2014-06-30 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40326 Jonathan Djanogly uk.org.publicwhip/person/10854 0 2014-06-30-5b34324e-10854-0
0002f8a174064ddfc04948b98eea7b2fcfe2f2be Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £10,000 Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2011-10-31 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40652 Matthew Hancock uk.org.publicwhip/person/24773 24 2011-10-31-8f616a6e-24773-0
0002fca6b5397c18032e2a1f9866630cb423cf8c Donor status: members’ association Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2014-03-24 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40449 Dan Byles uk.org.publicwhip/person/24849 14 2014-03-24-8f616a6e-24849-0
0003046457e7d5d048ffb04f347f20e786d36984 Destination of visit: West Bank, Palestine Overseas visits 80ef1083 2011-01-24 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40085 Richard Burden uk.org.publicwhip/person/10076 3 2011-01-24-80ef1083-10076-0
0003184bdd0feba1946af3794c25399c80f4da11 Date of receipt of donation: 1 May 2013 Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK) 84642823 2013-09-30 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40140 Harriet Harman uk.org.publicwhip/person/10260 3 2013-09-30-84642823-10260-0
00031aee39a8ce739eeb57393ace1f0d43126981 Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £12,000 Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2013-06-10 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40670 Paul Uppal uk.org.publicwhip/person/24886 8 2013-06-10-8f616a6e-24886-0
00032dfa1ab2a80879f6c9548339354aefe001a7 Address of donor: 18 Thorney Lane North Iver Bucks SL0 9PY Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2011-05-16 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40540 Stephen Metcalfe uk.org.publicwhip/person/24749 7 2011-05-16-8f616a6e-24749-0
000332531ed5c309b565c01a42557cc4f90820af Donor status: Individual Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2011-05-03 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40665 David Cameron uk.org.publicwhip/person/10777 4 2011-05-03-8f616a6e-10777-0
000338bfd9be4966636427566e391b2144503ae4 Flat in London, from which rental income is received. Land and Property 4f1e6359 2012-06-25 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40131 John Bercow uk.org.publicwhip/person/10040 0 2012-06-25-4f1e6359-10040-0
00034b0278d8ff83a119a5a7da8622510e813b40 Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £10,000 Sponsorship or financial or material support 9e46def6 2010-11-22 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40136 David Ruffley uk.org.publicwhip/person/10520 3 2010-11-22-9e46def6-10520-0
0003627f618a3908f2a64d6cc424ab070f6c9c10 Fee for survey from ComRes, 4 Millbank, London, SW1P 3JA: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2012-04-16 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40484 Jim Fitzpatrick uk.org.publicwhip/person/10199 0 2012-04-16-1f359ece-10199-0
000379965af828d8ba25088784b6f81d203c450e Name of donor: CARE (Christian Action Research and Education) Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2015-03-30 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40380 Gavin Shuker uk.org.publicwhip/person/24847 0 2015-03-30-8f616a6e-24847-1
000386d69d36f2ac1f39525532d11d54a1cd602c Address of donor: New Road, Wimblington, March, Cambridgeshire PE15 0RG. Sponsorships 8f616a6e 2010-09-06 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40436 Stephen Barclay uk.org.publicwhip/person/24916 2 2010-09-06-8f616a6e-24916-0
00038bec4a96133a0b46831502610142aad0c693 Payments from Ipsos Mori , 79-81 Borough Road, London SE1 1FY, for opinion surveys: Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2014-03-24 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40660 Steve Brine uk.org.publicwhip/person/24901 0 2014-03-24-1f359ece-24901-0
000393ac35bbee25425af6957198ea18c225e355 Richard Fry, Yeovil (personal donation) Sponsorship or financial or material support 9e46def6 2009-09-02 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1549 Oliver Letwin uk.org.publicwhip/person/10355 7 2009-09-02-9e46def6-10355-0
00039c0b55b7f47127de0ec9fe204d29e1b174cb 13-16 April 2008, to Qatar, to participate in the Doha Democracy Forum. Flights and three nights' accommodation provided by Qatari Embassy. (Registered 25 April 2008) Overseas visits 80ef1083 2008-10-22 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1891 Angela Watkinson uk.org.publicwhip/person/11308 0 2008-10-22-80ef1083-11308-0
0003a6144b795d735b88b2750b21af0b5f4b82a6 19 August 2014, received £230.36 for one month’s work. Hours: 8 hrs approx. (Registered 17 November 2014) Employment and earnings 10057ffd 2015-06-08 John Healey uk.org.publicwhip/person/10268 3 2015-06-08-10057ffd-10268-0
0003ad3d15099e63f2cfec6a760277aedf9fe83f Name of donor: Graham Cole Address of donor: private Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £5,000 to support my campaign for leadership of the Labour Party Date received: 15 September 2016 Date accepted: 3 October 2016 Donor status: individual (Registered 03 October 2016) (b) Any other support not included in Category 2(a) 70b64e89 2016-12-19 Owen Smith uk.org.publicwhip/person/24797 48 2016-12-19-70b64e89-24797-0
0003ec1886128c787026c984b477f3713fc78e93 Name of donor: Thales UK Ltd Address of donor: 2 Dashwood Lang Road, The Bourne Business Park, Addlestone, Nr Weybridge, KT15 2NX Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: one ticket and hospitality at the Wales v Italy Six Nations match; value £350 Date received: 19 March 2016 Date accepted: 19 March 2016 Donor status: company, registration 868273 (Registered 21 March 2016) Gifts, benefits and hospitality from UK sources 64e8edeb 2016-10-03 Nick Thomas-Symonds uk.org.publicwhip/person/25279 0 2016-10-03-64e8edeb-25279-0
0003f5a834079471bf6a5b04182b65509b69a46c Destination of visit: Northern Iraq Overseas visits 80ef1083 2012-09-03 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40284 Adam Holloway uk.org.publicwhip/person/11599 22 2012-09-03-80ef1083-11599-0
000419eccb8e6f2072706a5d8ea14eb88d7d31c8 Councillor, Rainham Central Medway Council. Since my election to Parliament I draw no allowances. Miscellaneous 5f2cbd10 2017-11-27 Rehman Chishti uk.org.publicwhip/person/24920 0 2017-11-27-5f2cbd10-24920-0
000438693a7e22ae8b6f4eba2c77bb36b8da2501 Name of donor: D G Harrison Address of donor: private Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: 7 October 2014, £5,000 Donor status: individual (Registered 04 June 2015) (a) Support linked to an MP but received by a local party organisation or indirectly via a central party organisation 2fa6c1a9 2015-11-09 Anne-Marie Trevelyan uk.org.publicwhip/person/25439 8 2015-11-09-2fa6c1a9-25439-0
00043e71d7be539f677b940eaa8278a884e10775 Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £2,000 as the winning bid in an auction. Sponsorship or financial or material support 9e46def6 2010-12-20 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40250 Chris Grayling uk.org.publicwhip/person/10920 4 2010-12-20-9e46def6-10920-0
00044caa494245550f7041eafa6f52b2010b7844 Barrister, Lamb Chambers, London. Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2009-03-11 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1559 Andrew Slaughter uk.org.publicwhip/person/11559 0 2009-03-11-1f359ece-11559-0
00046982a669434aed9645e168f04c41c7f80775 Name of donor: China General Nuclear Corporation (CGN) Address of donor: CGN Tower, South Building, No. 2002 Shennan Boulevard, Shenzhen City, Futian District, Guangdong Province, 518026, China Estimate of the probable value (or amount of any donation): Flights, accommodation, food and transport, total value £9,559.83 Destination of visit: Taishan, China Dates of visit: 4-8 November 2018 Purpose of visit: APPG on Nuclear Energy, of which I am co-chair, fact-finding visit to the Taishan Nuclear Plant and meeting with senior representatives of the Taishan community, Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress and CGN officials. (Registered 26 November 2018) Visits outside the UK 891eb863 2019-01-07 Sue Hayman uk.org.publicwhip/person/25358 0 2019-01-07-891eb863-25358-0
0004787d11662cef5ebfcddcef10a14eadfd6b82 SpenView Communications Ltd. Remunerated directorships ead1ca87 2008-03-11 uk.org.publicwhip/member/1713 Stuart Bell uk.org.publicwhip/person/10036 0 2008-03-11-ead1ca87-10036-0
00048845ceb7f65b7e162c4fab1a1a2d4b7f2f25 Received payment of £75. Hours: 30 mins. Fee donated to local party. (Registered 23 June 2014) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2014-06-30 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40651 Rosie Cooper uk.org.publicwhip/person/11667 4 2014-06-30-1f359ece-11667-0
0004a0382e9d762eeab1ce6d3af43e3ec4ea180d (Registered 11 February 2011) Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK) 84642823 2011-03-28 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40371 Steve Rotheram uk.org.publicwhip/person/24935 6 2011-03-28-84642823-24935-0
0004c5074164f39412f71f140fa257fc694a5ed3 18 June 2012, £75 for April 2012 MP Panel. Hours: 20-30 mins. Payment donated to local charity. (Registered 11 July 2012) Remunerated employment, office, profession etc 1f359ece 2012-12-03 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40212 Tessa Jowell uk.org.publicwhip/person/10326 3 2012-12-03-1f359ece-10326-0
0004c6ce6f5d47649f3616a3cd5a2f4271c77c50 Payment of £75 for survey completed in February 2015. Hours: 45 mins. Payment donated to local charity. (Registered 13 March 2015) Employment and earnings 10057ffd 2015-09-28 Andrew Stephenson uk.org.publicwhip/person/24759 3 2015-09-28-10057ffd-24759-0
0004c8ddc067a0cedf9c75a0eca2c2bd2ae2b6d8 Destination of visit: New York Overseas visits 80ef1083 2012-01-13 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40604 Mark Pritchard uk.org.publicwhip/person/11946 10 2012-01-13-80ef1083-11946-0
0004cac62e4cc4d90373af5d516b2a20534dca14 Name of donor: Mr Andrew Reid Address of donor: private Amount of donation or nature and value if donation in kind: £700 Donor status: individual (Registered 04 July 2017) (a) Support linked to an MP but received by a local party organisation or indirectly via a central party organisation 2fa6c1a9 2017-07-07 Matthew Offord uk.org.publicwhip/person/24955 1 2017-07-07-2fa6c1a9-24955-0
0004cecb522616cdda670a8f38b968d9f872afc3 Address of donor :83 Victoria Street, London SW1H 0HW Gifts, benefits and hospitality (UK) 84642823 2012-04-30 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40211 Chris Kelly uk.org.publicwhip/person/24838 1 2012-04-30-84642823-24838-0
0004ced086e1adc1ac35be54ce5f890dbdad3c86 Destination of visit: Falkland Islands Overseas visits 80ef1083 2012-01-30 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40378 Philip Dunne uk.org.publicwhip/person/11696 3 2012-01-30-80ef1083-11696-0
0004e155c2cca8eab79663d389f53e42d880a0bc Date of receipt: ongoing since May 2011 Sponsorship or financial or material support 9e46def6 2014-04-28 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40053 Tony Baldry uk.org.publicwhip/person/10023 4 2014-04-28-9e46def6-10023-0
0004f3e01df29bfeb32a725eae7ad0b111be588c Destination of visit: Lebanon Overseas visits 80ef1083 2014-08-26 uk.org.publicwhip/member/40675 Ian Lucas uk.org.publicwhip/person/11057 9 2014-08-26-80ef1083-11057-0

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